The Real Me
2014-04-02 22:14:16 (UTC)

Comment to remember "The curse of Beauty"

I was reading this article

and want to remember the below comment..

This is so true. I'm sick of being single and everyone saying - you shouldn't have a problem. I really respect myself morally and always have done, and have worked very hard at being successful. I'm so normal and loving. I never used to believe it, (that people could be so nasty) , but now I'm in my thirties and I look back, I agree with everything you've said. I used to wonder what I had done to cause reactions in people, was my dress too tight ? Was I flirting without knowing it? Now I understand it was just BECAUSE I was a nice person (genuinely) and academically successful and 5'10 and beautiful ( or what the world classifies as classically beautiful) that no one would have anything nice to say to me apart from ' I can't believe you're still single'. They wouldn't help set me up with anyone nice or help me talk to anyone decent. And no guys approach me unless they are drunk or being idiots. Thank you for explaining it. X