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2014-03-31 10:31:12 (UTC)

spring break update

my update on spring break
i couldnt really focus but on college hw
ugh! right?!
thats no damn fun.
but i called my grandpa
he said was checkin on me and tell me his going see me soon
and i need that knowin that family
has always been problem.
now im wondering what to do
i mean for the past few weeks
i want bf or gf
im not to judge anyone cause
we all have damn flaws.
during this whole break
id said more than
to my girlfriends
were i miss u
oh yeah before i forget
id watched spring breakers!!! and LOL
i wrote poem....
you arent here or there
phone went straight to voicemail
….nothing else here or there either,
but silence from both ends
around these oceans…
where’s a girl’s feet got caught in the water
by the sunset.
these eyes are in a haze
since this morning
at 2 am.
that girl wished it happened again
for real, instead of a dream
that mystery feeling, has slipped away
when her eyes opened….
now. just thoughts & feelings
are lifted for her
to remember…