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2014-03-28 03:07:38 (UTC)

Can't sleep

I get up to go to work in two hrs. Can't sleep. Not mad or anything but I guess the kiddos leaving is causing this. Going hime to an empty house really sucks. Everything is cheaper when it's lunch or dinner for one. So I guess I'll be able to save some money for something nice.

I had to return the kiddos overdue books to the library. Sort of sad because this is the last I'll be going to the library in awhile now that the kids are gone. I'm hanging with my single parents group again. It's like I didn't miss a step. They know what happened and they took me out about 4-5 times already just to help keep my head up.

I'm already set up for a wine bus tour, two camping events, a picnic, pot luck, and i think one other thing but I just don't remember. Thank God for friends. Right or wrong, they got you back. I'm also signing up to make two dart teams this season so I'll be playing twice a week now.

I just hope I can get my life going again. I want to be able to set goals and achieve them. Not sure what I'll do but I have to or I'll end up like my friend's friend and give up. I went thru so much crap already. It gotta turn around sooner or later.

Well, at least it's Friday.

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