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me and my life
2014-03-26 17:17:52 (UTC)

Long time no see :p

Yeh dairy long time ....
well don't expect anything good happening in life its just as it is. sujit is new chapter of my life. i love chatting with him, i love the way he tells me abt his love feeling for me, i like him very very much. i too feel love for him, but i cleared to him that i want time to think about this relationship thg...coz i wanna knw u, understand u well... hmm he is lil upset n depressed for this love thg coz he feels guilty abt his feeling n bla bla..mad baccha he is. i am in love with his voice no no his voice is not lik macho n all but very cute like baccha ekdum innocent hai awaj. i listen to his voice note so many times.. :)i told him that m in love wit ur voice ♥♥♥ n i love him too but...lots of butsss hehe
well, on other side my sissy problems pheww.m so worried for her. she is vry tense n sad abt her life n other thgs goin on wit her health, professionally n personal things :( m vry sad for her n vry much disturbed also she has no idea how much my heart aches for her...coz i dont show it to her. ;(
ok den job hunt still going on cyaaaa :/ nothing to say....