always wth love

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2014-03-20 10:24:19 (UTC)

spring breakers!

i shouldnt be
talkin to strangers but really
we all strangers
so it doesnt really make sense does it.
oh my damn shit
spring is here
and next week is spring break
my wild party online buddies
i wont be here boo!
last night i was in the shower and i saw our small dog
just licking her foot
i thought it was cute!as hell
man, im going miss it on here
i also i found out
I've anxiety.
im going crazy today. i guess im damn stress out
with loads of hw
over my college
spring break wish damn luck
maddi isnt my name but
im not tellin
who i am
good music
Pharrell Wlliams - Come Get It Bae (ft. Miley Cyrus)
check it damn out!
later see you in a week