always wth love

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2014-03-19 11:38:00 (UTC)

not my damn day

so fuckin tell me damn something
well, i will tell this bus came late equals me
but damn shit id failed another quiz this week
for english
then id woke up at 12:47am
im thinkin its another panic attack
oh shit!
than yesterday it got worst cuz
so much damn hw
but also found my old shows are coming back on
like awkward. and a new show
faking it
oh crap damn happy
like motherfucker
this all on mtv
than this morning before i thought my bus would come late
id watched the pll season final
omg cra cra
but it will back soo enough
oh yeah im sooo desparate for love
boo damn me
i need love
well later shoulda be here