always wth love

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2014-03-18 10:10:34 (UTC)


this morning feel dont know?
but as for last night completely fine until
i had call. it felt so damn unreal
it was real wasnt a damn dream.
i kinda wish i just say NO! but would been rude.
now that im almost done with college she feels owns some love and caring speech but really i want her tell why?!
(who im speaking of my mother)
if you been on here before than know well enough....
so now its almost 10:30am
for class... im just not sure anymore
lately im fallin back on old ways
like towards Vivian and Ariana
the love of lust among girls are uncountable to myself
there crushs were so damn real.
this morning at 8:38 pll on gma
it felt good to think bout something else than myself really

(earlier before)back to me on the bus ride complete broken into things cant physical understand anymore.
these feels of love is impossible feel bay from the water
and dont forget tonite spring final season (tonite)
the next season this summer
lair out or killz