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2014-03-17 23:46:28 (UTC)

to be or not to be

I'm thinking about pete, and I had a thought about whether he was born christian or not. How did he come into faith? And thinking of him, a feeling of inspiration came over me - the sort of inspiration where you really do feel like the person is on a higher plane of some sort, than you are. They have managed to tap into a realm that some of us will never reach in our lifetime. having faith - faith in something you cannot see or having a belief in something that's not quite tangible to the naked eye, indicates an elevated evolvement towards the metaphysical, or a higher spiritual elevation. I think that having that is so important - these are the people who invented things and introduced important ideologies - because they were constantly asking 'yes but what else is there? what else is there?'

I mean I was born christian, so in a way it was handed to me so if you asked me what my reasons were for believing in one or two things I might have to go away and think about it before responding, because there are elements of it that I haven't interrogated as such. and I'm not discrediting the strength of faith that's 'passed on' to you, but I do think that there's something inspiring and something fascinating, about meeting someone who found it along their way.

Those types of people inspire me.