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2014-03-15 14:04:20 (UTC)

past two days...

Past two days many thgs happened. Yest i had interw at Andheri at it was so far...i mean going for office so far is stupidity i wud say. Well nothing happened abt intrw i mean i dint got selected and even i would have wouldn't hav gone. The office was so messy, it was like bunch of young ppl setup the business and messy, piledup papers, funky lappies,no formals and graphics on was funky but in unorganised manner. I would neva lik to work in such place. I like neat place. Wen i entered i was lile WTF!! They took my typing speed test, got 33 wps somthg like dat with 85% accuracy then they asked me to write on my mobile to test english skills n bla bla. The founder was abt 30yrs old n was vry much jovial he was all energetic. He was trying make me comfo n was talking as if he knows me. Wat i liked that he gave me one book "Siddhartha" a book on gautam buddha and i was wanting dat book from long :-D. He said take dis for u read it i really liked his gesture. How nice to encounter such ppl unexpectedly he also gave me 5 page motivational writing, note wateva u can call it. Then afta interw i met my sissy at colaba der we did some shopping bought peep toes;-);-) n had lunch at olympia cafe. Its an old cafe muslim person owns it. There we had chikn biryani, n one leg tandoori n ended lunch wit sinful caramel custurd. Yummmm... biryani was difderent, it tasted nice n like i neva had before and tandoori was tender n again different than we hav always. N custurd is their speciality it was yumm... and we were so tired phewww scrothing heat n walking made us tired. I also bought cupcakes n pastry from merwans its famous n old bakery at andheri.. they were also yum :-* yesterday was gud day:-D
Today was boring day agai intrw nearby.. n den home den i read the book n fell asleep had maggi n now on bed writg dairy.
Like everyday had lil tiff wit sujju. Misunderstanding n his anger leads to dis. For yest tiff he apologised today. He is vry kiddish... n??? Same m cribing for job i need it asap:-( cant survive lik dis without money for long on dad's cash.. goddy love u so bless me. I really want this phase of life to pass away as fucking as posible. I cant take it more.. wanna buy watch for pigi bday.. n nothg cyaaa tc