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2014-03-14 20:45:38 (UTC)


15 points of extra credit. 125 digits of pi. Those were the two most important numbers for me today. That was all I needed. If I could rehearse my 125 digits of pi that I worked so hard for to my class, I could obtain my 15 extra credit points I direly need.

But then I choked.

I could say it was because I saw my teacher's face that I actually want to stab in the eye. I could say it was Kila who asked me, "What if you choke?" (She was trying to scare me.) I could say it's because my teacher kept asking me to repeat numbers to trip me up. I could say a lot of things. I won't. Ultimately it was my fault for announcing to the class three digits ahead of where I was.

9986 is what I should of said. I didn't. Instead I had to take a seat. I swallowed in my less than 50 digits I had said aloud and my pride. I was defeated. Seriously, like bye bye 15 extra credit points.

However what I've learned today is a valuable lesson. This won't matter in a few years. I'll be asking to myself what my life was like in 9th grade. I may remember the teacher just because she is quite a traumatic experience for me, but I won't remember her class; I especially won't remember pi day. As for now though, I am keeping my head up high and not letting the bitter taste of pi enter my mouth. Life is good.

I can't even lie about that; My mind is so clear. Ok, maybe not so much as soon as I step into Ms. Tysor's math class. It is when I enter the english room or the biomedical room or the world history room or even the biology room. My mind is so clear and so happy and so concentrated on succeeding my expectations as a student. In fact just today in the biology room, I was able to understand an article about L-forms and D-forms and relate it back to the origin of life while the rest of my friends were left wondering what the hell the article was even talking about. That is what I call a good day.

Rest aside my academics and move along to my image: This boy at my school grabbed the attention of my friend (the one who's brother is the president of our school) at the nearby 7/11 from school. He did so just to get her to grab MY attention in order for him to say, "I think you're beautiful." Sure, females or gals or women or however you want to call the sex with a vagina between their legs shouldn't be so worked up about their self image. I'm usually not. (If you saw my physical self you would see that I'm not "fit.") Today though, with that boy, and with his kind words could deem my old day as good.

Whenever you get down in the dust, don't stay there too long to eat it. Get up, get moving with the right attitude, and aim to kick the dust at your competition. It works every time.

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