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2014-03-14 23:20:41 (UTC)

Divorce Petition

I recently received the divorce petition from the court. My initial reaction was a mixture of anger and sadness. Sadness that my marriage failed especially because of my children and then anger as to the details of what she put in the petition.

My heart told me to fight the petition and put in my own petition but my head told me to just accept the petition and disagree with the details of what is written. That way it is less costly and quicker. The battle ahead will be the finances. Regarding the children I think we are close to what we both want. So I don’t envisage too much drama there. Although I would not initially show my hand regarding the children. I will start with equal sharing an accept she looks after them and I have weekend contact every 2 weeks as part of the negotiation.

I am looking forward to my new life and chapter. Looking back there are many mistakes and I feel I have just one more shot at it. I have the experience and I believe the nuance to go and become what I want to become.

The biggest shackle in my life are my finances.