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2014-03-13 08:36:25 (UTC)


Sujju is acting really weird... n i feel very stupid..what d heck he wants from life? dis days he is acting very much weird n puzzle behaviour. sometimes he says we will meet sometimes he says we wont. i mean what the hell?
yest sis came home. n she was all like he is not nice, fake n bla bla negative about him.. she is not liking him n the way he behaves. he may loves me, he may have tattooed my name on his chest, he may have changed his habits n he may have turned his life beautiful but he is definitely not the right person for me. yes i realised dat. as soon as possible i shud part away. i was fool he tried many times but...i thot he is my friend i shouldn't insult anyone like dis. but he really piss me off, i have never been so patient with anyone like i am wit him...but i guess he is not worth for it. because his inner behaviour n mentality is still same. i don't blame him for this his upbringing was like that. but i really pity on him for this n always tried to support him n help him. but, i don't see him realising that n respecting that. it does hurts me alot.
i think i should move on n let him also move on with this...
i introduce him with him by saying that he is Unpredictable, angry person n impatient which he has kept in his mind.. n mayb he didn't like that thing. my presence is bothering him i guess.. he is not ready to forget his feeling for me.. n wen he come to know that i like him n love him as a friend he get mad feels that he is stupid. i totally understand his position his feelings..but i am also human i also feel at point of time k ye bande ko me itna samjha rai hu... par ye hai k wahi same cheez argument, behes and negativity. i was so mad...
i thot to give a thot on him as who will love me this much but, there is life beyond love, tattoo like understanding...n peace of mind. i don't get peace of mind. yesterday, my sis said was right such ppl will neva give us peace they some or other thing to do. i know i am kinda attached to him n more after knowing that he loves me this much i thot to give myself chance but noooo shit noooo dis is not possible...n if this happen it happen to ruin my life. oh god!! give me strength and wise mind in what i do. i am sorry sujit... even if we try i don't think we can be happy together. but yes i adore u, n i do have special place for u in my heart n also i love u but as a friend.. spending life wit u is something not possible.
i just wanted to meet him once. wic is obvio a person who loves u, has tattoo of ur name on his chest. how d feeling is. i mean i always wanted some one should love me unconditionally n make me feel special n sujit did that. but unfortunately i cant b with him... foreva...
i want him to b happy and blessed, siccessful n may b get such a lovely women which wud make him feel that huh... karu is nothing in fornt of my wify. god bless him. and me also...

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