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me and my life
2014-03-11 08:19:08 (UTC)

jumble bumble

Life is same but more jumble sujju n his love my confusion, job, health phewwww i feel like my head will explode...
job thing is eating my head...god when when when????
n sujju matter is confusing me, his words that ill keep on witing for right one and time will go n ill b still waitng he is also right nobody is perfect hav to adjust in some or other way. biggest concern is that is he the right one?? if not he den will i get anyone nice in life...??? m so confused all things hav comeup to me in load. al tense abt sissy :( donno wats gonna happen.. so tense. no money left :( thats making me feel miserable ;( ;(
i will stay strong as i knw time will pass n happy days will arrive soon :D hoping n hope is only left with me now...
cyaaaaaaa :*