always wth love

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2014-03-10 23:24:29 (UTC)

all back to me

i woke up feeling in haze of looseness and nothing coming so clear to my eyes...
i couldnt wait to be at the libray today
you know,why? because im be looking for phones
for my bday
yeah i know, i know!!! thats so damn crazy but i do think that way sometimes.
anyway i wont know if ill ever find the guts to write another poem
its coming impossible now days nothing coming to mind at all.
just an blank then im in a haze all over again,
im still thinking of my ex
he made me think of my future
and now im just hopin' to fall in love again
it felt good inside i felt more alive.
sooo last week i was mess as Hell. but wont start that again this week im hopin so, so Thursday did everything but stay home
so futher in from last week
just right im tried of being alone now days...
all back by Chris Brown
and others....
oh yeah i hate time changed ugh!!!!!!!!!