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2014-03-10 05:47:31 (UTC)

hurt :'(

I am very much hurt today. The way sujju behaved yesterday its hurting me alot. Why d hell he is not understanding wat i say.. wat i want.. he is noy geeting me. I want time.. yes i do feel for me...i hav attachment uea i do love him..but to spend time wit him i need time to think over it... i neva met him. Y cant hr understand. Someone is loving me so much so i want to hiv myself a chance but he is not getting my side ... m so so hurt by his yestrday behaviour. He wants to end d feleings for me. He said he wont meet me.
M very sad today. N i feel like no good things will happen to me. M so will i get a boy?? Matrimony oh really??? Sissy knws vry well how uncle types ppl are in matrimony sites. He dislikes sujju as she doesnt knw him n obivo she is worried for me. But she is not also understanding dat here to get job is so difficult for me getting a boy easily is like touching a sky. I donno i mayb wrong but dis is wat i feel now. :-(:-(:-(:'(:'( so so hurt n d worst thg is dat i cant show.i hav to pretend as if all is well
.... i wanna cry i wanna yell... i donno wat i want. Hope sujju could hav understand me... he is right on his part mayb. I donno i donno any damn fucking thg..donno..m upset n i feel lik nothg is gonna happen gud wit me. N everythg is finish...yup i feel lil i knw d gud noitacle evrtythg will b same n ill suffer. Sujju was rite in wait of perfect onr ill just keep waitg n time will go n ill regret m afraid ... i need someone to hug n cry for now...but i cant. I hav to pretend dat m all cool n happy espically to mom.