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2014-03-08 12:10:55 (UTC)

Work, Financial Frustration and never again

I am consumed with work. I have so many business ideas floating in my head. I am trying to put so many things in place, Very frustrated because of lack of finances.

On finances I really don’t know what to do. I need to sort out both my cars, my property bills, house hold bills, business bills so much I don’t know how I am going to cope.

Being thinking about how I felt about 2 years ago. I feel very angry but not down and depressed as I was back then. When she was caring on with her boss. Till today we don’t know exactly what went down. At least I confessed about my transgressions. She is going about maligning my character yet it was lies upon lies when she was trying to cover her tracks with whatever she was doing. She hasn’t even come clean about it. Nowadays I see she gets home at reasonable times. This makes me very upset with myself. I let her get away with murder. I did not complain about her hours and as we can see now she is capable of getting home earlier. I feel generally I didn’t really put my character into the marriage and made it a very easy ride for her. This is one of the reason she is just a loose cannon. I blame myself for that. Never again.

The thing that surprises me right now is the way she wants to do everything regarding the children. Which is a big agenda. She plans to state all this things in court that she does this and that. She refuses for me to drop our older son in school even when he is running late and even my younger son I was planning to enrol in football (for kids with learning disabilities) she is doing the same. She is off my radar to be honest and is of little or no significance to my life.