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2014-03-07 07:15:24 (UTC)

Love Posts..

26th Feb
i wer wrong dat tym n waz wrong in olso..she neva eva thought wat i waz thinking abba her...m sry K####na fuh geting u wrong..m happi shezz back... — feeling happy.

2nd march
luv frm my side to iz lyk.wnt kiss ua chiks every hour,ill be the enrtainer when ull be bored,ill be the reason of ua biggest smile,wnt to get shouts frm u in every wrong step,ill be the medecine of ua pain,ill be the jaket of ua winter,wnt to hear ua every single breath,itzz u whom i would i like to see after my mom dad,n itz onli u who haz given him a new lyf which he wz neva thought off.........SIMPLE LUV SIMPLE LYF SIMPLE END....USED TO LUV HER N ALWAYZ....BT NO I MISSED IT NO USE OF IT NW..I DNT DESERV HER.. — feeling sad.

4th march
very soon she will be with me....wer eva i go,wen ill sleep,i walk,in every thing i do..jst think wat will b it...........wat will i do... — feeling happy

7th march
m more arguement no complainz nt b anger in my lyf any more..
shezz a barbie fuh me n ill step bck nw..trying to kill my feelings fuh her...
no use of will take tym bt she will be happi in her lyf..dat izz wat i can do to keep her happi jst goin out of her lyf cuz i cnt ever ever hav a feelings of fernd cuz i cnt consider her as a frend in my lyf...luv u barbie. — feeling depressed.

how cutely he posted all dis for me on his wall... :* m falling for him now.. yes i do love him but i cannot take risk to be in relation to commit so soon. i want to meet him n knw him. but i donno wats is in his mind. he is all restless n upset dat m not wit him. mad boy... lets see yest we had very long chat till 2.15am i guess n i poured out my heart everthg..he showed me tattoo n i was on cloud 9 0_0 my gosh i just love him for that. :* :* everything is fine with him now.. his job, he works for TATA financial IT, he is no more addicted to anything, he goes to gym, his relation with all is fine... n he is gud except his lil temper n unpredictability.. i so wanna meet him n touch that tattoo... waiting for that day. he doesn't understand what i hav in my mind for him....i shall talk over phone n clear the things. lets see wat happens... but i dont wanna regret and cry later for not havin him in my life... lets see wat happens. sujju babu :*