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2014-03-05 11:00:19 (UTC)

dear diary: i need to grow up

dear dairy,
i still feel horrble bc im sick but i gotta push through it cause
i still gotta find myself.
sorry im fumbling over my words, i guess because im really understand whats going on around half the time... i woke up twice at different times id go bathroom and blow my nose id gotten sick by my siblings
id wrote a poem 2 months ago anything to complain over but it felt let it go a bit.
i should go but i wont probably cause im listening to
paper hearts by tori kelly
oh yeah i went on fb last weekend it felt go but im missing takin pics of myself on my ipod.
i hope i can earn everything back and true life
so i can say sever the moments of life. my Horoscope said alot today and how im feeling im done fighting
i need to grow up