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2014-03-05 06:07:59 (UTC)

What is happening ???? O_O

ya again its about Sujju.
i donno whats wrong with him?, he is gone crazy in love, in love with me. he is become bechain. n the height of all is that he has inked himself on chest nope height is yet to come n its that he inked, he tattoo my name :O yup he got tattoo on his chest of my name. i was speechless, i was like heart in my mouth n all reactions which comes under shocking reaction... n yes it is. i doono is insaan k maan me akise ata hai ye sab omg. i am still in thots how can anyone tattoo my name???? he is so much in love..n he cries everyday, he has become so emo, sensitive n all. his mom knows abt tattoo n she inquired about him. his mom knows me. coz we use to have long chats initially. yest we had chat till 2.00 i mean wat all he said about tattoo n his love for me i was baffled n asking him 1000 questions. i dint get angry i was instead, feeling special. :p if i ask myself do i love him then its yes n no both coz it is not simple for me to accept anybody so easily, if it would have been then abhi single hoti??? :/ n m not being attitude or anythg lik dat its decision of life not easy for me. i take whole day to choose a tee how can u expect me to accept a guy in one go? yup i know everything about him. i mean at least more than half of his life story, as i aks to many question :p but he knows lil about me. all matters to him is me. just me.
but, the way he is behaving from yest night is bothersome. i'm afraid what if he does some thing to himself i mean hurt n all :/ ill b in trouble. i know he wont but, he may, he can in frustration. now he is all bechain restless like what to do n all. i am afraid of his unpredictability he might do anythings at anytime so i hav to handle him how drug addict do wen kept away from drugs like dat. i called him n spoke to him for 3 mins said keep calm n relax dont stress. all i can make out form his words is that he wants me by his side.
he has left drinking, smoking, takes medicine at time, eat, sleep well n go to office and go gym n all fine life n normal which wasn't earlier he use to drink badly, smoke badly, would not sleep n eat properly typical spoilt brat n now he is all changed except lil of his anger. he talks only about love love n love. he said what all changes had come in his life m responsible for that O_O. he gives me credit for his happy life his family is happy n they know about me. m all in some other world. i felt lil fake but from many days he has maintained all dis how can one fake for so long ???
pheww i donno wat to say n do. yest he was all like hey babu, hey baby . but he never force me for anything. ya he does try n den giv me some kind attitude speech lolzz bcoz he is not that maska lagao types. i knw him very well n i understand him well. i also talk ti him pyaar se. i also hav lil attachment for him. i also call him babu n baby :P ya we talk lik that. i thik i shud stop that. that pulls him more towards me. goodddd m all excited to see that tattoo ;)
he said more i talk to u more i fall for u... more i fall in love i cant stop, cant control, it hurts i feel bad sometimes that u knw for all dis but it also abt my life.
lets hope for best.. jo destiny me hai wo hoga... baki all rab knows.
cya peeps. tc