Unabashedly Me
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2014-03-02 20:05:18 (UTC)

Nobody and Everybody

In my mind,
I'm beautiful,
I'm a genius,
I'm a superhero,
I'm a saint.

In my mind,
I'm broken,
I'm doomed,
I'm beyond saving,
I'm useless.

In my mind,
I'm smiley,
I'm likable,
I'm loving,
I'm intriguing.

In my mind,
I'm wrathful,
I'm vicious,
I'm violent,
I'm deadly.

In the real world,
I'm awkward,
I'm cold,
I'm boring,
I'm unaffected,
I'm average.

In the real world,
I'm nobody.

In the real world,
I'm everybody.

Don't judge me for testing my poetic license. I've never been poetically inclined. Seriously, I can write the heck out of a short story but a simple stanza makes me break out in a cold sweat. But I felt short and stilted today. And very, very moody. I blame it on the MyLifeIsG website for making me realize just how extraordinary and positive I am NOT. (Kinda back-fired, huh?)

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