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2014-02-28 08:19:43 (UTC)

Confusion @_@

Well, there is no need to mention about sujju in my all posts but, he is the only topic now in my day to day. yest, he asked for number i gave n we were chatting on whatsapp. but he was occupied with something i guess. he was replying so late, wic was pissing me off. Later he said that some women is flirting wit him on FB. she wants to chat with him on whatsapp at night...omg she means naughty chat.disgusting.. n inspite of saying sujju to block her he dint in fact he lied me that he unfriend him but, the fact is he din't unfriend her, i saw this today. omg he lied. why?? must b he is enjoying her chats so he wasn't reverting me properly. n for not reverting i gave him hearing and i off my mobile data. he was lik tum itna gussa kyu karti ho aaj kal huh.. i handled his gussa now his turn :/ i wished him gm in the morning but now i won't ping him. i swear on myself. its everytime me who ping him. and ill give him nice hearing if he says me anything. now sabko dekhti hu me barabar.... ppl fooling me literally. n den he says dat he changed for me, he loves me. itni choti baat hi lies n says he loves me??? bwahaha joke. fake ppl all around. pigi is the only person with whom i chat nicely n share everything.
Over all this ash is being so mean i tell u. i am just hating her. i was not on whatsapp for a whole week n she dint even bother to ping me. she says i am bz karu kya batau. ask mom how bz i'm. me ghar 10 baje pochti hu. and lunch bhi nai kiya abhi tak. phulzz gimme a break. i really don't need such fake ppl in my life.
M so pissed job pan nai milat ahe :( n trying so much nothing is happening. just paused life. m tired i want some happiness all r disappointing me :( everything is disappointing me ;( so much Confused phewww... if not till 10th march i get job ill have to join front street. n it will b like putting a chef for accounting work. :/ so sad is happening with me :( m velli n bankrupt too. i hav not even single penny in my pocket. gos kay diva dakhavat ahes tu :( :(
P.S: I shall delete dis as its kinda irrelevant. but as i have no one to talk with me.i write wateva shit comes in my mind :/