A lady in the crowd
2014-02-28 03:03:18 (UTC)

Smooth Sailing Year.

Today's one of those days where the skies are the right kind of blue. I feel loved by my friends and family. Lately my days have been busy, yet I see being active as something good.

I am currently a freshmen in High School & well what can I say about High School. Drama and rumors drench the hallways, lies are famous throughout this campus. Despite the complications I wouldn't be writing the truth if I told you that High school is a terrible place. At times it's a place that can be a pain in the ass. On the other hand, their are many great people who you'll meet.

When their is good their must also be bad. Realize it's the way that you react that makes it count. So far I'm doing what I love and this freshmen year is almost over in a couple of months. At last I won't be considered freshmeat!

My Birthday is coming up in a few of days. On March the third I'm going to pelted with gifts. I hope my birthday's relaxing. I'm glad that I'm missing my classes on Monday. I could use a day of on a Monday. So far 2014 has been smooth sailing. I appreciate my two jobs part time tutoring, and babysitting. I'm positive that this year shall bring many storms. Ups and downs in life only show that you're alive.

~Yours truly,