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2014-02-27 07:52:30 (UTC)

Being Spiritual

Today is my fast of Mahashiv Ratri, and m following it sincerely, i shall break fast tomorrow like everyone does and it is so. i had been to temple of lord Shankar with mom. there was long que. i prayed on behalf of my sis, family and friends. i feet good being spiritual. i had to ask god somethng but, wen i was in temple i just prayed for his blessing on me n my fly,frenz. coz he knows everything, no need to ask he will give wat i need :)
ill be on fruits for today, for lunch sago i had.

Mom is frustrate today wit dad. she is pissed off with him. he is irritating her. n dominates den mom got furious n both had kinds argument. my mommy :* i can't do anything in dis.
i haven't renew my mobile net as i have no money :( i had wic i spent on kurti. yup, yest i bought kurti for myself :/ mad me. but i look gud in it :D ill do soe jugaad nad will try to renew my net pack as m getting bored now. :( i hav to withdraw from account or else dhapofy from dad :p not today as m fasting hehehe..

Sujit has really changed alot all his probs are no more he credits me for this. he is very much in love with me. i like him. i feel like to b with him, but being in relationship with him is not easy for me. i mean i donno, i can't. all des things r not easy for me. i cant take life so easy way. but i like chatting with him very much. i am me with him. he freely talks with me abt his feelings for him. he has bcom very much understanding and calm. i'm amazed seeing him so. n i feel like to hug him seeing him so changed n happy. i mean great thing is that he says this change in him is bcoz of me ... somewhat unbelievable but can b true. love has power. :D
job hunt is on. hope everthing will b fine soon :D love u :*