always wth love

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2014-02-26 10:11:43 (UTC)

NO way out:!!!

i dont who i can run to. this week isnt soo not alright
everything is coming and going out off like big storm came for me
id called NO way out
cant deal with all the my emotions are taking control..
on my ride to school i cried out for love, when i finally dail that number it was NOTHING to me now
so i dont have my ex or my friends id spoken with in a long time
cant tell i can trust my life is fallin and fallin
so rapidly fast that i cant breathe..
i cried so quietly that i forget to fake my mind from home.
cant take that im being blame
so you can called me now pretty little liar.
im now lost soo off the damn gird
i dont have my future id seen about 5 months now
college is only my way out until go back home denail all the flaws id shared million people i have around me.
im just alone