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2014-02-26 06:38:52 (UTC)

Friends Again....

I and sujju are friends again. we had convo on FB. it started wit hi, howz u n den i puked everything i felt for him, all anger. i asked him why dint he ping me, why dint he bother to ask me? or tell me abt him? he was giving me excuses but, then he admitted his fault. he said sorry many times. he has to say that, he din't wanted to disturb me by telling me his problems. he would peek in my profile to knw wats going on in my life,but neva ping me coz , all he saw dat i was happy.
m easy forgiver, coz the way he put his words was convincing. he said that he became vry much close to me. he got attached n he dint knew wats gonna happen so he wanted me to be far from him. n he was feeling bad abt that. his dog is dead n his family is fine.
he said he sleeps well, eats on time n wat he said me later surprised me. he said that he has quit smoking, drinking n all bad things i mean dat was really surprising m so happy for him. i cud also see the change in him while talking he was calm, patient n was not aruguing as he use to be. n wen i asked him how all dis happend? what jadu someone has done on him? now wat he said this time SHOCKED ME! he said "after getting away frm her i got changed i realized. so got changed, she wanted to get me in ryt path so get into it no drinks noe maramari no faltu giri n all, she waz special, datz y used to take alook in to her profele profile no body can be inb ewr place alag
nt saying to impress u bt u deserv it so i said,so nw u think hw much i waz missing her. nw say izz dat attachement waz nw u think hw much i waz missing her
hmm abb batao kya maine kuch galti hua tha mujhse wo attachement karke, i hav changed every think dat she wantzz n...
no drink no smoking no maramari food sleep
datzz it n nuffing i changed, i thought of ki shezz gone frm my lyf so steped forward. n see da magiz of god she izz back, cuz he noeezz ki wat dizz boy izz doing fuh her." he typed dis all i pasted. i mean its really hard to belive all this but i felt really nice, happy, love. i donno if he is lying or not but, donno i felt nice. he said many more things wic touched my heart. i felt special. how? how dat can b true?
donno!!! but ever since, i had chat wit him m just smiling n happy. everthing in his life is changed. new life he is living n m so fucking happy! :) :) i said him i wont b more close to u now as attachment bothers later. m looking forward to chat wit him soon. :* m so happy :D i felt so gud afta chatting wit him. its different with him. omg m i in love? nahhhh