The Real Me
2014-02-26 01:27:21 (UTC)

Bitch of a bff

This bitch is so hell bent on influencing my life that it pissed me off. I'm way took understanding. I get that she wants to be with her Bf so she Looks at his interests but bitch don't forget that I was there for you when your Bf made you have an abortion on my birthday and I missed it for you. I was there for you little ungeatful shit. I'm irratated because I was close to closing a partnership with mark over ther business and Diana decided to add her two sense which was against me. How the fuk do you dare to come in between. She wasn't even meant to be there I stupidly invited her and she had the nerve to butt in and ruin all the seeds I put down. Bitch. My fault for trusting her.