always wth love

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2014-02-24 10:44:58 (UTC)

wast mine to belong with

don't where to start
its crazy id grabbed a hold onto a love against the same chick that rude me but im holdin everything on this one love id was something
was not her it was guy whos I cant get pasted of
so I understand im still this native girl whos NOT learning from the truth...
I only have a month lefted until
the bomb goes off
I wont get want I want for my bday
my weekend is crazy
this early morning I saw myself in a drak room
taking pills of this where shit cant explain...
my mine hasn't been clean
its been soo naught girl whos cant tell things take her personality
soo im all bad now
but I have only lefted
check out jhene aiko my mine
and Justin beiber all bad