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me and my life
2014-02-24 16:54:40 (UTC)

So far..

Pigi is over reacting on Kadu's behaviour, abt her story wic doc told her, bcoz pigi came to know that kadu had hidden many things from her. i mean big deal yaar... pigi hardly knows her form past 5 months. i don't understand y dos she stands so much imps to her why the heck? when i asked her she has to say that " i was very much attached to her,she cheated on me, u won't understand" ek tho i hate when some one say me that i won't understand... pigi is behaving as if she brokeup with her bf years realtionship. stupid form past 3 days she is with her swollen sad shocked kinda face.. even her mom said that. i told her give a damn abt this all but who hai ki bas...pheww!
Sujji is updating his profile with new pics everyday. n my hands are itching to buzz n ask him about his life, health , abt him is he fine? he looks fine...but....NOPE! i shouldn't.. but, i wanna know what happened wen we stopped talking? i'm becoming so much of impatient and curious. :/ i show his pic to mom too, mom is also puzzled hehehe...
My day was so lazy... because of climate i was drowsing n i endup sleeping whole day also skipped lunch. later i wokeup > workout > fruit juice> corns and walk i walked 10 rounds of the ground for the first time :) actually aaj raat ko neend nai ane wali so i wanted to exhaust myself but couldn't :/
today was poo's first day at office. i am happy for her. i called up to ask her about the day. she was sounding happy :D just travelling will b lil bothersome..
my tooth is fine now :D n today i realised that when i was having cold juice :D :D tom visiting trichologist and everything is same. these days m feeling very much positive :) and nice..
Cya tc n god bless!