Tianna's life
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2014-02-24 06:59:00 (UTC)

logic or not.

It seems like one thing gets better. and another thing falls apart. i told ( lets call him chad ) that I like him. and that eventhough he doesnt want to be a in a realtionship, i still see my self as 'his girl' he said that made him feel less worried but that he would feel more confterable if i stopped contact with.. (lets call himm tony)
so i told Tony that Because him and i already tried once and didnt work out i need to give chad a chance. I have not told him that i need to stop all contact with him yet though.

On another note in my life.. im 19 alomst 20 and still living with my mother because it is nearly impossable to get a damn job in this town.. wish me luck guys..

Heres to the hearless and the heartbroken.

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