Tianna's life
2014-02-23 09:50:35 (UTC)

Damaged goods.

I'm wondering how someone can get so lonely.. and be aroound people all the time.. why do i depend on people to make me happy.. why cant i make my self happy..
No one even sees how hurt i am.. I've lost contact with all my close friends cause the way i see it, they are going to leave anyways. so why not just elave them before they leave me..
this makes me sound do depressing.. my life wasnt always like this.. im scared.. these things going through my mind scare me... i scare my self. okay i guess ill start by telling you whats going on in my life..
Soooo.... I'm seeing an amazing man! he makes me so happy!! but something is making me not let my self get too attached. but that also may be because i've been so hurt lately.. so alone.
he works out of town so i dont get to see him offten at all! :( thats really hard and not to mention lately he hasnt really been up or talking much :( it sucks!
ANNND then theres another guy.. who i dated back when i was 16. he broke my heart but i moved on from him. and now were talkig again.. hes got the most cute baby boy in the world!!!
he seems like hes changed alot.. im so scared of putting my self out there.. i need advice but i feel like i have no one to go to with it.

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