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2014-02-22 15:11:45 (UTC)

lot to say...

Yest was my gossip day :p whole day pigi wanted to say me some thing very serious she procrastinate till evening and then what she said was jaw dropping. she said many shocking things about Kadu. The most shocking one was that her cousin bro tried to molest her once at her home itself n she din't react i mean i would have i would have kicked his balls off. but, she dint even complained to her mom, sis or aunty instead she choose doc to share this thing 0_0 mera tho dimag kharab hogaya. n i chat with him in group on whatsapp shiii. aprt from this doc said pigi that kadu had double time BF inspite of having Bf form past 13 yrs...OMG! n wen that other boy came to knw that kadu is cheating on him she beat her n she was petrified and consumed banedryl aing... but its cough syrup, how can it harm anyone? mad gal... n doc was the one who saved her. apart from this she had many affairs when in Delhi for training, with some college guy n bla bla stuff... i thot doubt doc also. coz he threw party for her success n bday y would any one do dat for anyone even if fenz that too he hide this all from his wife. OMG! m simple gal n happy n content with what n how i'm. kaduuu kaduuu wat is upto with her life god knows. doc said many things abt her.
Today, had interview don;t ask me how it was. just nothing happened faltu profile. well met poo, pigi n rekha :) had momos, n shorba or shorma....shorma some chiken wrapped in naan idl that chat, gossiping , giggles n left from home.
Today will b watching Highway :) pirate wala. i hate alia or mayb jealous for the reason that such celebrity kids gets chance so easily n ppl like us??? our talents waste waste waste. today i read somthing that " whta is in your destiny nobody can snatch it, but what is not in ur destiny will neva be urs even if u try harder" true but TRY TRY ULL succeed :D cya happy sunday :D