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me and my life
2014-02-21 10:08:35 (UTC)


There is one boy he likes me, he likes me since when i was in school. he lives near my building vicinity. he works in Pune and he come at his place on weekends. he knows that i leave house in the evening for walk with mom so he waits for me under his colony, just to have my glance. i never look at him. when in school he would follow me, while going for computer classes, my lectures he use to stalk me on his bike. as it was bothering me so i complained mom n my mom met him, she calmly made him understand that," what he is doing is not good. mom said she dislikes u, if my daughter would have liked she would have said me instead of complaining about you".(my mom is so adorable :*) he was baffled, embarrassed and din't say anything. he stalked me on FB, he sent me sms he also sent me long mail about his feelings and wat all he know about. i read but, dint revert. i only replied to his fb msg as i was unaware abt him stalking me. later, i msg him saying that " hey i respect your feeling. but i dont like u, u better stay away from me" den i neva wrote him coz, i dint wanted to encourage him. his friend is my mom acquaintance, even he said my mom that that boy likes your daughter he is nice guy n bla bla... stupid fellow..
after few months he again started following me. i don't know where on this planet he come to knw that,i leave my house n go out. this time mom gave him strict voice hearing. he denied about following me and made some excuse. he wrote me mail on my last to last bday that he loves me n bla bla i was surprised to see that he knows so many things abt me my likes, dislikes ne also said that i am a nice & good gal. how would he know?, when he neva interacted me? he also said that u neva look at me lol.
he made all possible efforts to convey his feelings to me, but i don't like him at all,mayb his approach was wrong but, still m not kinda person who would respond to someone like that, but i feel poor chap that he still holds hope that i'll look at him n i may b frez wit him which is not posible. pheww sorry boy i know i have broken ur heart but, that not my concern not my fault. i knw the feeling. u deserve better den ull feel stupid me i was after "k" dats me :p
gud luck! no hard feelings