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2014-02-20 17:10:04 (UTC)

To Sir With Love.....

i heard a story and an accompanying song on the radio this morning and it has been with me all day. Listen to the words -- she is thanking him for all he has done for her. She is eternally thankful -- dare i say committed to him.

Please listen and dream its me singing to You. You took me from "crayons to perfume". You unleashed the whore from the prim-an-proper -- my crayons to my perfume.

To Sir, With Love. To my Sir, With my Love.

This is so US. i bet i played this over a dozen times today in my office.

i need You to touch me so badly.....


It is beautifully fitting that you have come to appreciate the lyrics and melody of this wonderful song My perfumed courtesan. I have heard it many times but now will ALWAYS associate it with you and your evolution. I knew what I wanted from you, what I wanted you to be, what I absolutely intended for O/our bonding. Indeed crayons to perfume in a cycle that I can speed up, slow down, or reverse. Never will you hear the song again without thinking of Who owns you and What matters.

Ache for Me always. Even seconds after I take stop touching you,



The song and lyrics just seem!

And You are right, never again will i listen to it in without a smile on my face, a throb in my heart and a twinge in my cunt.

All for You, Sir, with love.