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me and my life
2014-02-20 17:38:55 (UTC)


Ash is doing too much... i don't understand why people do ungli. she sends me dis "har doori mitani padti hai...har baat batani padti hai.. lagta hai dosto k pass waqt nai hai, aaj kal khud apni yaad dilani padti hai" to wic i replied "true" n she says "dekha"
What the fuck she means? i felt like saying just fuck off!! this stupid gal is all after her BF, doesn't even ask me whatsup wit my life and pings me once n acts like she is doing meherbani. i mean fuck off. i don't need anyones fucking fake concern. y doesn't she ask me to meet if she miss me so much. i can't fake like her so i don't ping her. if i feel like i do. but i don't react like i have done fucking ehsaan huh.... people r born to screw my brains i guess. she has no fucking idea whats going on in my life. n doesn't even bother.
today was lil tiring day. i cooked dinner.
m very much mentally tired today... i feel like venting my anger on someone. today, i scolded one small boy who was a beggar. he came towards me n started begging but he was touching my hand. i denied through gesture he was still touching my hand for attention and was asking me money, he was filthy, i shouted him "bola na nahi hai" everybody in line was looking at me. i was like fuck off. dat boy disappeared then. why the fuck he approached me only, there were hell lot ppl in the line. i tell u dis makes me feel like kicking their ass off. i din't feel guilty coz, now enough of being good now. ppl take advantage of being good, being quite like ash.
cya all -_-