A lady in the crowd
2014-02-19 05:38:23 (UTC)

Wonder Land.

What's their to wish when ambition is lacking, whats their to be said when it has already been spoken, Whats their to be seen, for it has already been seen countless times.

We choose to follow this cycle we call life. Meeting the same personalities, only plastered upon a different faces. I find myself alone today. It's different when I'm surrounded by not a single soul. I don't have to deal with dogma, contradicting opinions, nor twisted perspectives. My mind begins to wonder about millions of things. I lose myself in my own imagination and sometimes it truly frightens me.

Lately everyday has been beautiful but I always think differently when I find myself alone. It's like if I'm another version of myself. Then I wonder whether it's better to have to be blind or to have a birds eye. I lose myself in my imagination; my mind is a demented wonderland.

~Yours truly,