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2014-02-17 18:33:56 (UTC)

Did he lie??

Sujji is all healthy n fine. Infact, he has built up good body. He was thin before now he has builtup muscles n all. I'm really puzzled. All he said to me some what 4 months back that his liver is damaged n hez gonna die n me stupid chicken shit cried for him. I mean c'mon a person with whom you talk almost everyday is gonna die dats terrifying, if anyone else in place of him would hav brought tears to me. Main point is he is alive. So what does that mean??? Did he lie to me?? Wat all he use to say was lies?? Mom says yup he lied me, to gain my sympathy. Boys do dat. Its der trick to trap gals. I donno m not dat innocent who will get trap so easily. Or maybe i think m smart but, m not or maybe he thot ye ladki tho phass hi nai rahi. Lets ask her to stay away. Phewww donno wat all dis is?? I can't even ask him dat hey u still alive? How come? :-P
Whateva be it. He is healthy n fine dats good even if he tried to fool or not let him b fine. Karma will show him at right time.
I check his fb everyday he upload all new attitude types pics showing muscles n all. N he looks pretty handsome den he was. But wats d use of that looks when he is spoilt brat. His life is so messed. Thank god m not in touch wit him. Thanknu god for showing me right path n also mom for educating me to follow right path. I remeber once he said me k agar tumhare gajah koi aur hoti tho meri gf ban jati. I wonder why would any gal want to be gf of the guy whoz gonna die. Kya funda hai?? I better stop thinkg crap n sleep. As pigi says i use to much brains:-P
Gn all. God bless!