2014-02-17 07:35:07 (UTC)


This weekend was the most eventful weekend I had ever been in. And I'm running out of bus fare because of it. It's a bit overwhelming.

I was expecting Sabor to be at the vending machines even this morning but there wasn't. Which is surprising because at least one member is there every morning.

Coding is becoming surprisingly easy to me. I really like it. At least just Java coding of course, but regardless it's only CS1. I can't really say anything until I get into CS2.

During the time Zubair went to IJCL he had a lot of fun. It sort of made me jealous, but not really. I mean I have to admit he looked like he had a lot of fun, but something switched off during the weekened he was gone along with Atif. It was like an experience of life without him, and I quickly sweeped over in my mind what it would be like if everyone in my life just sort of walked out the same way. Would I be okay?

If Phil decided to just walk out, would I be okay? When he graduates, I said I would be broken. But would I really be okay?
Khizzy. :) He walked by. I wonder if he understands my pain.

I took the time to try and figure out what it would be like without Zubair, and I'm not saying I would be fine without him. But I am saying he wouldn't be really that affected that I walked out. He says he cares but I get an odd feeling that it's not really that much. Maybe if he proved it or something I would believe it.

The Payton kids were really cool, especially this Asian girl named Amanda. She was hilarious. We started running up the stairs (Me, Declan, and Stephen) and she's like DON'T GO BREAKING MY SCHOOOOL. It was really funny. I don't want to get cliqued in.

I really don't, and I think I like Erick. I did before and I had stopped but the feelings have come back stronger. He wasn't afraid to give me a hug. He's awesome.