The Real Me
2014-02-17 00:18:03 (UTC)

Abusive Relationship?

So I went out last night as Diana had booked a table, it was a good turn up obviously Mark was there too. It was all going well...until at around 1am after leaving the bar...

I think now I wish I went with Fo as Fo left to go to Inis club in west London and I really wanted to go except Diana was like WTH why would you leave me at 11 and bla bla this was OUR night...I didnt realize I was tied down to anyone, its not fair that she does this all the time, just try to control me and make me feel guilty for leaving when a) she gets to go home with her bf and b) i have to take a bus home in the middle of the night alone so if i went with Fo I would have crashed with him at Inis and been safe. Pissed me of a little especially because I wasnt having that much fun, I just wasnt in the mood. I wanted to gowith Fo and do something different, and see Ini again and see my OTHER friends. She just has to have me close and always have me wrapped around her little finger because thats how I feel like Im at her dispense when she needs me. And this is because of what happened after...

We were having a little tipsy discussion on something very very small and Mark- Dianas bf who is also my friend came out with the fact that I said the most intelligent thing. Diana for some reason flipped out at Mark and started getting angry and agitated and was like WHAT SO IM DUMB? Im stupid? Like wtf. He was trying to calm her down. Diana being Diana wouldnt because once shes drunk and "debating" she wont listen under any circumstance. Me and Serg were just standing there and everyone else was like fuk it lets go home, obv I couldnt leave Diana so Mark started shoving her in a corner at this point me and serg got in between and told them to calm down...Mark told me to just get out the way and let him talk to Diana so Im like kool you both talk accept it looked very aggresive as he was sort of pushing her against a wall and stopping her from leaving and she was screaming at him. The police came and started questioning him because they saw him dragging her etc. I made everyone calm down and stop. They left and then Mark was just cussing diana calling her a prik a cunt etc etc. From nowhere he stubbed his ciagrette on her face and burnt her. After a few mins he spat in her face called her a bitch and walked off.

Ofcourse Diana is still in shock etc but she said shes not willing to chuck away 5 years for one incident but I think shes being stupid, its not worth it anymore if you know a man is capable of hurting you like that. But what can I say, what would normal people do?