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2014-02-14 06:27:43 (UTC)

Lucky People...

Some people are just LUCKY! just fucking lucky...yeah
they live their life and magic happens with them sudden turn in gives them surprises & changes their life forever... i wonder how the feeling must be...?
Kadu is posted to Chennai. how nice she will be living her dream of becoming an Air crew. happy for her. she sent few of her hotel pics. she will visit Mumbai after every 3 months. she is also among the Lucky ppl category. but, she has faced much pain. she brokeup with her bf with whom she had 13 yrs of relationship. she lost her 13 yr old pet Doggy. she was broken. then aviation thing happened to her and she got through. god bless her.
today is so called valentine? wait do i care??? oppsss NO! coz m nothing to do with dis day. den why m i even mentioning? donno :/ mad me
hav nothing to write actually....phewww life is so sadly boring :{
well, i have somthing to say. yest i made chocolates when i showed it to my frenz they thought i made it for valentine bwahaha mad ppl. today i'm planning to make some art out of bulb yup, BULB :)
have a look here. isn't its interesting? :)