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2014-02-11 08:02:11 (UTC)

Seeking Gods Guidance

This morning I wrote a face book entry to wish my good friend happy birthday….i wrote this….

Happy Birthday my brother. You are special in God's eye and he will publicly show it. I wish you well and I pray God will continue to give you the wisdom to be a better Father, Husband and Man. Have a great day!

After that I started crying….very strange . I don’t know why.

I wrote my cousin an email today to breakdown the cost of the business venture. I hope he gives the thumps up today so we can start. Everything hinges on this. My whole life. I plan to have the business up and running such that in 6 months I make my leave to go back home to run the business myself. It will be a big move for me. I have always worked in Investment Banking and I have never lived away from my children. To resign from work (fixed income) then move to another country to run a private business (variable income) is a big move but I am up to the challenge.

God will guide and lead me.