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2014-02-10 07:43:33 (UTC)

Preparing mentally to go

A lot of turmoil in me.

I feel somehow.

I am not interested in pursuing anything further with anybody yet I am upset I didn’t get a favourable response from Faith.

I am anxious to start my business so getting agitated that I can’t get my cousin to respond or go through the costing of the business. I have no bad word to say about him though, He has been excellent to me and holds the key to my future.

I hope all goes well as I am saturated. In six months I hope to resign from work and concentrate on my business. In this time I would leave my home and country of residence to pursue my business in my country of origin. I will miss the day to day interaction with the kids but I have to go.

I want to put my head down and concentrate for the next 5 months or so.