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2014-02-12 07:21:37 (UTC)

Fun and good souls...

Yesterday, was like patience put on test day for me. i never waited so long for anyone.
so the day began like dis...
i had interview at 2.00 pm which lasted till 3.15 pm they cooked my head like anything. when HR pitched me the profile sounded interesting but, there what they briefed me was something not what i was looking for. :/ which happens every time. major reason for me for not getting the job is the same, i don't wanna compromise working anything and ending up doing what i don't want. they looked impressed with me i was all confident and poised as always. anyways, then i reached station where i WAITED for poo almost 1 hr errggg n she always have very madeup excuse with her soft skills. then we had snacks n WAITED for pigi, talked and again WAITED for Dr. abhi, he drove us to Angrezi Pub, then again WAITED for kad n her family, played pool i mean tried to play, there was one who was host for us for the evening & he was teaching us. he was such an adorable boy. was very much into providing us good service and making us feel good. His name is Ajay. after pool WAITED, had starters then WAITED, Clicked pics then WAITED gosh she took so much time. she got hint about some gadbad is der finally, she reached pub by 8.00pm i mean i was lil pissed but, it was worth waiting as we enjoyed later. initially, it was lil awkwards for us among her family, but they were so nice n kind people.
we surprised kadu she began to cry we gave her gifts like teddy n mug our pic imprinted on it. and Dr. abhi spend pretty much on her her gifted her DNKY watch and blueberry cake wic had her pic. she was over whelmed with our gesture. her sis, mom, aunty and 2 cousins were der. we danced lil..Angrezi pub had only angrezi gane wic disappointed me i get feel on bollywood numbers. had mocktails, chicken and sizzlers cake and enjoyed talking. we also toast champaign.
among her cousins younger cousin was cute. he was so simple n sweet types. wen she cried he hugged her and he also cried awwww how nice.. i wish my cousins were too dat nice...
i was feeling so positive among all kind and jovial souls. all i could see was love, caring and respect so nice. had great time yest. her cousins dropped me home and idk y i just couldn't sleep whole night. phewww.
cyaz :)