taking heed

slightly exaggerated
2014-02-11 04:02:42 (UTC)

the my-diary.org app blows, but I blow more.

Greetings from the point where vision becomes a hopeless attempt at just trying to keep objects in the field straight and also the place where brain function starts to fuck off a cliff. I was under the impression that CMT left brain operation off the table, but la dee da, here we are. This is what I imagine it feels like to be lobotomized or live in a Fahrenheit 451 universe. I spend some nights in bed just trying to formulate coherent thought. But often I end up lying their with blank nothingness. This is brain damage. Probably the degenerative nerve condition but maybe also the alcohol consumption that has reached record levels. It's funny how when every bodily function you can think of goes to shit, the beer goes down way easier. I've also been *censored* because numb the pain away, right bitches? The great thing about being retarded is that I don't self loathe quite as much, I'm pretty distractable by moving pictures and noises, soooo yay for positives. Vee and I also got the sweetest little jerkstore dog too, and she tries to make me feel better, and blah blah blah. Goodnight you fucking normies. I don't want to hear about your lame ass cock sucker problems. FUCK THIS.