Watasumi Kasai

Complaining about shit
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2014-02-10 12:04:06 (UTC)

Dumb ass, I'm done!

I've had enough. I've got this dude that keeps telling me that he can't tell of I like him and I'm just sitting here beating myself up like I have some sort of problem. He's the one with the damn problem. I don't know about anyone else but I can't just start to like somebody over a few weeks. I can't move fast like that. I've had waaaaay to many people break my heart and I'm not about to lower my Guard because you want it easy. If you're not up to the challenge of getting to know me then fuck you.

This inept motherfucka, trying get what he wants but don't know what he's doing. The day I went and met this fool and he left after 20mins I was fucking finished. Wasting my damn time. I swear this niggas out here thinking a bitch desperate and will just go for anything. Dumb ass. You got me bent and how the hell can a person look so different from the pictures they've sent you???? It's like it's him but it isn't him. I promise you I run into another nigga this too fucking fat or too motherfuckin skinny I'm going to just quit.

This dude is straight garbage, I'm done. This shit never falls. When a guy takes interest in me and then I start talking interest in him, he loses interest. I'm so done.