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2014-02-09 14:14:26 (UTC)

Movie + Lunch +plus quailty time :)

Its valentine week :) month of celebrating love. but, single ppl like me hangout with friends :p
I had very nice day :) with frenz watched movie Hasee tho phasee pakao movie it was. actually, yest i n my sis wanted to watch some movie so i downloaded hasee to phasee... and also in the morning with frenz as i promised them..but, i dint let them knw that. After movie we had yummu lunch at Urban Tadka and they serve us jelabi with rabdi as complimentary :D and waiter also gave me pinwheel which they had for kids friend asked it for me n he got for all of us.
poo bought valentine gift for her bf. they had so cute gifts. i was wondering what i would have given to my bf??? maybe chocolates n wud have eaten up myself :P but, its cool to be single no fights, no depression, no hurting, no expectations and can look at any guys with bad eye haha.. ;P sometimes i feel the need to listen me, understand me, pamper me. leave it! poo n pigi got me a pair jhumkas as gift liked them. in the evening we were relaxing at pop tates, i like their open terrace and had pizza n margarita. we chat, laughed and left.
From past 4 days m roaming and spending money. On Tuesday, i might have to attend party at pub :D kadu's bday and success party. we will be celebrating her success on becoming air hostess finally!! I'm looking forward for this party as i wanna dance :D m not regular pub going gal but, wen i do i make sure i enjoy hehe i just love dancing :*
Funny part of the day that kids were looking at my pinwheel and i was like shuuu...that's mine I'm sometimes very childish.
today, many gud things happened i received my cheque of reimbursement from loop :D i thought it will take time...
very much tired.... i have to now pay lil attention to my hair loss they are becomng so thin day by day.. and also about my digestion phewww my sensitive tooth is also troubling me :/