Nadia's Mundane Existence
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2014-02-07 03:17:14 (UTC)

Once upon a Nightmare; Suicide in the family

I had a nightmare last year in December, a few days before Christmas. I was home for the holidays with my family. Because I live out of state I only see them once or maybe twice a year. This particular nightmare, as many of my dreams, made little sense, however I was able to derive an important message from it. In this dream, I appeared in a hospital waiting room where my younger brother had to be the bearer of bad news. He explained to me that older brother Miguel had tried to kill himself and was in the final irreversible stages of xxx. I did not comprehend (as is the truth in my daily life, my memory is more porous than pumice stone). I walked into the room where my older brother was being treated. Again my dream makes no sense, as I did not see any nurses or doctors in that room. My father was there, and after taking his temperature tried to cool him down. I heard my brother whimper in pain during the process. At this moment I was crying and hugged him and said," I wish I knew you better...why did you do it?" Then I woke up, and was sniffling a little bit, but extremely relieved that none of this truly happened. What exactly did this dream mean? I believe it was to remind me that despite my own ambitions, agendas, and advancements, our loved ones are what matters most. Even if it is the older brother that bossed you as a child.

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