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2014-02-05 21:56:42 (UTC)

Sum of Parts

I am a sum of my parts….these parts are all over the place….north, south, west and east. Some parts are far away from God…some are at his bosom. Some parts will send me to slaughter while some parts are filled with love and peace…I move from part to part….I run away from some parts while some parts I seek and chase. Depending on which part I reside I can be the king of sorrow or a solder of love. All of these parts are me…that is the truth…..some are very expensive while some parts enable me….the expensive ones costs me a lot….they make me fail…they make me lose focus and they make me sin….the enablers give me freebies…they make life easy and when I reside in these parts I can think. I am not scared and my conscience is clear. Some parts die, some parts degenerate while some parts multiply. It’s like watching an experiment in nuclear physics. It’s the survival of the fittest. I am just a passenger pushed from part to part. Sometimes I can wash a part. Clean it up and make it holy while some parts just stain me. They fill me with dirt and watch as I slip down the food chain. I cherish some parts…I protect them from those bully parts but sometimes I have no strength and succumb to the more powerful devilish parts. I have some favourite parts. Whenever I find them I go straight in and have a cry. The crying part don’t judge me, I find solace in them and they wipe my tears. Every now and again I seek the crying part. It’s like rehab. They don’t last long…bombed off by my fireball parts full of lava….when I am in those parts the worst in me comes out. I am red, hot and destructive. I have given up…I will never be one part….I have too many parts….but I seek to make the good parts dominate the bad parts. I don’t want to extinct the bad parts…they are useful sometimes. I don’t want to be any ones fool. Ultimately I seek the parts that can make me reach what has been planted in me. We all have it. It is deep in our world. To find what has been planted in you requires courage, discipline, strength and wisdom. I am collecting all the parts I need to help me on my journey to find what has been planted in me. My stock is getting bigger every day. Once I am confident I have a stock pile that I need for my sojourn I will begin to quest to find what has been planted in me. It will be tough and I will have to make hash decisions. I may even reside in a nasty part for a while. I know all the types of parts I need for this journey