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me and my life
2014-02-04 17:20:21 (UTC)

Thank you!!

I am very happy after reading the feedbacks. i got three feedbacks. thanks Taran for writing me. Hope u doing good. i always liked reading ur diary n miss now. i knw everything will be fine its just i over think and become upset :p n i dump my emotions here. and also thanks to other 2 kind people wrote me and made my day.. i felt so good :)

Today, was very much boring day. i was suppose to make bottle art but, i kept myself busy in some other stuff. ki farak penda hai?? tomorrow ill do it :)
from many days i wanted to write about my dreams. in this week my crush "P" had come in my dreams i donno why? i already forgot him. then why? i have no more feeling for him? i don't like dat. :/
So many people wants me to meet on my bday. m confused whom to meet... i already have planned my day, have no idea abt evening. i remember the school days when i use to count days for my bdays, i use to be so excited for my bday cake, particular abt my dress hehehe how cute those days were. my sis is taking lot many effort to make me feel special on my birthday. she is planning for customize cake, n i got to know abt it hahahha... i dont get excited for my bdays but, then when my frenz flood me with calls to wish me i feel amazing n blessed. m so mad that i think negative about life. everything happens for reason:) well i deleted some of the entries i wrote when i was mad at life and upset. i don't wanna keep bad memories. all i have to be optimistic. :D god bless all!!!
TC! :D