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2014-02-04 06:32:25 (UTC)

Back to everyday grind

Yea it is back to daily grind from today.

Yesterday was just to catch up on my emails and making sure all my system was working. I start proper work of supporting the financial market traders today (not looking forward to it) but it is a job. It can be very demanding.

This morning I get my car back after repair from an accident. Hopefully the car is fine. I return the insurance car today and my wife (who didn't drive the insurance car as much) will have the car back.

I hope to get the cost estimate for the shop all sorted out today so I can meet up with my cousin later this week to get the ball rolling from start of next week. This means we will start setting up the shop.

I also have work today to implement the financial gaming application I have ben working on. I plan to do some testing tonight.

There is also a few financial application (study and design) I am working on. It is going to be a very busy 6 months.

Forgot, I also have my Spanish lessons to restart next week.

Hopefully I will get to talk to my solicitor this week to find out where we are and the next way forward. This is just to request an amendment to the divorce petition she wrote and seek an amicable living arrangement while the divorce proceedings start. I also plan to get the financial report we declared during mediation (this is going to cost me some money as she is not prepared to do this)but I need the report as I reckon she is hiding the money she declared during the mediation.

All system go!