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2014-02-03 08:35:55 (UTC)

sensitive tooth

From past week i got my one front tooth sensitive. If i drink anything cold its pains like sting, strong pain get in nerves within that tooth but only one tooth...even if i breath through mouth it pains, it pains when i gargal, when i drink water, when i brush phewww i bought sensodyne tooth paste for dat.
Yest, i slept at 3am. I was not able to sleep because i had enough sleep at afternoon wit sis. It was irritating. I was browing net on mobile.playing candy crush n all tp.
Now i am kinda sleepy but if i sleep again it would disturb me at night. Have upset stomach too gosh so many problems in life...
M also bored as mmy xam is over n i have nothing to do..finding job den all set hopefully...
Cya gud day